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New Years Resolution Fails

Is your Workout Inspiration also your New Years Resolution?  If so, it has an 80% chance of falling apart by January 20.


Many of our new plans come out of these statements:

  • "I need to __________________"
  • "I have to __________________"

Both of those start with a pressured sense of "I need to fix" myself.  In other words, they start on a negative footing and sound like:

  • "I have to lose 30 pounds..."
  • "I need to quit smoking..."
  • "I have to exercise more...."

From this negative place comes a sense of 'unacceptable', 'oh, no, more work' or 'duty'.  There is not a lot of 'Inspiration Motivation' in that...

  • "I'm not ok and I know it and I have to change that."
  • "That is so hard to do...but I have to."

So people employ the "New Years Resolution" last minute desperation plan:

  • A whim / wishful fantasy without any planning...
  • 'Positive thinking' and a little reward should do the trick!

Within a few days, willpower gets invoked, especially if "I really don't want to" is the real belief.

Negative Self Talk is employed to guilt  / cajole ourselves into action.  This kind of thinking error starts to sabotage your 'Workout Inspiration' a few days later.

And you're done!

Whatever You are Doing Now is Working for You
(And We Hate to Be Wrong)

You are where you are for a reason.  Our behaviors are a direct outcome of our underlying beliefs about ourselves, others and the world around us.  However you have lived up to now has worked!

It may not be 'healthy' or 'moral' or 'the best', but it has worked and is internally acceptable.  It is your comfort zone.  If your 'escape' is food, you do it because it works to neutralize an underlying stress, uncomfortable thought, etc.

If you have a new 'workout inspiration' and decide to 'go on a diet', the primary focus becomes changing the food habit.  There is a natural disappointment to know "I have to change" and admit "I have been wrong for living this way."  Resistance has crept into the system before the first day of the diet even starts!

The internal checks and balances system just got adjusted.  You have just taken away the 'force that neutralizes a stress', all the willpower in the world isn't strong enough to keep a diet going.  The diet fails and you beat yourself up and go back to your comfort zone...

Morty Lefkoe has an excellent post about emotional eating.  Maybe the stress should be neutralized first?

Enter "I want to___________"

“I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.”
--Brene Brown, PhD

“No amount of self-improvement can make up for any lack of self-acceptance.”
--Robert Holden

You are where you are.  You have created the system you are living...just like the artist creates the painting.  You are both.  The painting you are living now is working....enjoy it for what it is and how you have painted it.  It is true acceptance and peace with where you are right now.

Step out of your painting for a moment to realize you are the artist...the sculptor..of your own life!

Grab a blank canvas and sit with it for a few minutes.

Paint a Beautiful Masterpiece called Your LIfe!

True Life Inspiration is about creativity...from 'nothing'.  It is not about 'painting over the painting', but getting a new canvas and stepping back to become the artist.

It starts with what you want to enjoy when the painting is completed.  The wording used is always positive:

"I need to lose fifty pounds" becomes "I want to weigh 180 pounds".  Both statements are true, yet 'I want' coupled with the end goal creates a forward looking, hopeful direction.   (The how to put it all in motion is covered in Inspiration Roadmaps!)

“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit”
--E.E. Cummings

As an artist, you use creativity and curiosity and "I wonder if I would like to add this to my painting".  "I'd love to __________________."  It is more about fun and playing than 'work'.

(Your 'canvas' is the backdrop of underlying morals / values / religious beliefs that need to be behind every paint stroke in your life.  Based on your canvas and what you wish to paint, your masterpiece is the results of all your hard work!  You get to enjoy it!)

Grab a piece of paper and 'paint' what your masterpiece will look like!  (It makes no difference where you are now...state your new painting in positive terms like, "I want to have 6 pack abs.")   Step the artist of your life, do you like your new painting?

(There may be some parts of your current painting you want to keep!  Just repeat those brush strokes on your new painting, too.)

Do you LOVE it?  If not, grab a new piece of canvas until you 'paint' a life you love.  Would you have some fun getting there?  Oh, yes, work is always involved with creating a new masterpiece...but would you have fun creating it?

The 'need' for motivation / New Years Resolutions / etc. is neutralized because you now 'love' what you are doing!  Every day.  It just flows into your actions.  It is reflected in your attitude and demeanor!  Enjoy being the artist and what you are painting!

The Work Involved...Tools to Use

Potter's Hands Sculpting

Go ahead, get your hands dirty!  You are 'working' now to maintain the painting you have.  Shift it toward your new masterpiece...the energy will be spent either way.  What you may be 'doing' is different, and the energy will be spent with a sense of play and fun. 

Paint a Beautiful Masterpiece called Your LIfe!

New paint brushes are fun to try.  Enjoy some new knowledge from here!  If you need 'painting lessons', please feel free to Contact Doctor Matt!  A few painting lessons will help you get the hang of it.  It's doesn't have to be 'perfect'...just paint.

A Good Workout Inspiration only Steadies the Course

As you paint, you won't need any's just fun...even the work is fun because you see the reward almost every day!

If you are human, there are also these days:

  • "I just don't want to"
  • "I just don't feel like it today"
  • "I love what I am doing, but...ugh."
  • "Oops, I really messed up that one!"

A Workout Inspiration is used to empower and encourage you on those days.

Your love and commitment to your painting is already there.  The energy is flowing.  You are incorporating it into your lifestyle.  Automatic habits are being created so you don't have to 'think' about it.  You are enjoying your painting!  And you are feeling pretty good about being the artist for your life!

So a Workout Inspiration, Life Inspiration and Fitness Inspiration are simply reminders that speak to your heart:

"Go ahead and push through today.

Tomorrow will be back to automatic!"

Sometimes they are visual.  Sometimes they are heard (like your favorite song).  Sometimes they are mental...your favorite quote or prayer.

They are 'the reason I need to fix something about me."  They are little sparks connecting you to the real reasons to push through today.

(Share your Workout Inspiration Stories here!)


"Just play.  Have fun.  Enjoy the game."
--Michael Jordan

New Years Resolutions aren't needed.  As long as 'coping skills' are tied to a sabotaging self belief, any external 'motivation' is short lived!

It's like leaving your old masterpiece behind.  Hang it on the wall for everyone to enjoy.  Enjoy creating your new masterpiece.

Workout Inspirations are just inspire you today.  They will grow and change as you grow and change...adding  richness to the masterpiece painting called your life. Let's make it "Awesome!"

Inspiring Grand Teton Mountains

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