The New Wordpress BizXpress Plugin Powers up your Website!

Sitesell's new product, Wordpress BizXpress Plugin, brings the power of Sitesell to Wordpress websites!  (Even though this is not a Wordpress site, I have enjoyed using Sitesell to build it!) 

If you are serious about making extra money with your Wordpress site, you will need

  • The valuable Planning Tools so you position your blog or site to make money.
  • Keyword Research that is unmatched
  • The simple plugins that are drag and drop
  • The freedom to spend more time creating valuable content and less time dealing with the rapidly changing web landscape.  (Bizxpress keeps up with that for you!)

Watch this video to understand the value of Bizxpress!

Keyword Research is the Key to Being Found on the Internet

Sitesell and the experts at SBI have a keyword research tool, called 'Brainstorm It' that identifies money-making keywords surrounding the topic you want to write about!  You will spend your time creating web pages using the keywords from Brainstorm It that would create the most income!  That is a Win-Win!

Wordpress or No Wordpress?

This site was not constructed with has used the original Sitesell Formula very successfully!  Wordpress is the most popular blogging and website system in the world.  However, I personally didn't want to be constrained by them...and I wanted the power of Sitesell's experienced staff because I didn't know anything about building a site!  I've been very pleased and NOW, they have created the power of choice with the Wordpress BizXpress plugin!

This is a video that clearly outlines the steps you will need, with or without Wordpress, to build a successful / profitable website!


Time to Explore Your Options?

Click this site to explore Sitesell's options to build your site without Wordpress!

Want to use Wordpress to build your site?  Check out Bizxpress plugin power to turn your hobby into a profitable business!


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