Make your Weight Loss Inspiration Turn into Reality!

You have listed all the reasons your Weight Loss Inspiration needs to happen:

  • Your Health
  • Your family needs you!
  • I want a Beachbody!
  • I'm self-conscious
  • My clothes don't fit

I hope you have created an Inspiration Board so you can see your future in front of you!  So...HOW is that going to happen?

Step 1:  Clean Eating Starts in your Kitchen

Get honest for a KNOW what foods in your kitchen are truly unhealthy for your transformation into a healthy lifestyle.  Start there and 'donate them' to someone or the trash.  Today.  Do it right now!

By the way...the rest of your home may be hiding candy in your bedroom or snacks in the car.  Those count, too. What about work?  What needs to be cleared there?

If your are not sure if it is healthy or not...just leave it for now.  You can decide later as you learn more about a healthy diet and fitness.

Step 2:  Take a Guided Tour
through the Grocery Store &
Learn Healthy Foods to put on your Shopping List

For your convenience, I have included a series of short videos by the legendary fitness expert Rob Riches.  He will take you shopping and visualize yourself buying what he buys...and leaving the rest at the store!  While eating healthy can be more expensive, you will be saving lots of money on what you don't buy!

Download and Customize Your Free Healthy Food
Grocery Shopping List

Need a Shopping List?  Download this one and Customize it just for you!

I have included my personal shopping list in Microsoft Word format so you can add to it / take off the foods you hate...personalize it!

Download it...Save it to your computer...Unzip the file...and save a master copy to your hard drive.  Then click 'Save as' and rename that copy to 'My Shopping List' and save it to your desktop for easy reference!

  • Print a copy and take it with you to add the aisle number where the product is stocked!
  • Add your favorite healthy brands!
  • You can put an X in the 'Need it' column beside the items you need and reorganize the list so the X's are at the top!

Did I forget some healthy foods?  Leave a comment below!


Download Your Household Items Shopping List
so you won't forget anything!

Download this Free Household Shopping List to make your shopping hassle-free!

How to start your Grocery Trip for Success
Helpful hints about Lean Protein / Chicken

The Best kind of Beef and Fish

Water to Drink...Eggs to Eat

Milk and Ideas about Great-Tasting Spices

Best Vegetables and Fruits for You!

Healthy Breads

Best Cereals...
and Learn more about Nutritional Value!

Healthy Oils and Antioxidant Hints

Peanut Butter...and Can you Have Rice Cakes?

Can you Drink Alcohol?

There's a start to learning to eat smart!  Your transformation journey is becoming reality!  I hope you have learned alot by going to the store with an expert!  Now it's your turn!

If you have any questions about Your Weight Loss Inspiration,
you can contact me today!

Please Comment!
Visitors provide Awesome Ideas to expand everyone's adventure!

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