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GetFitWow.com enriches your experience with a comment system and Web 2.0 system which lets you create your own pages right here on GetFitWow.com!

Comments and Content must add, in some way, to the discussion.  If they don't enrich all our lives, they will be removed.  The final decision will always rest with me.  Problem content includes but is not limited to:

  •     Extensive duplicate or copied content from other web sites
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  •     Comments that are senseless or nonsense
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  •     Pitching or promoting any products / schemes / web sites, etc. which may be legal but will also be removed.
  •     Comments promoting any kind of personal service will be removed.

Comments / Content that is removed is not kept or stored.  If you post content that is valuable to you, please retain a copy for your records.  Comments / Content that is removed cannot be retrieved.  Sorry.

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If you do not agree to GetFitWow.com Privacy Policy or Terms of Use as posted here on this website, please do not use this site or any services offered by this site.

Your use of this site indicates acceptance of website policies and privacy policy.  If you have any questions, Contact Me!

Unfortunately our world requires these kinds of policies.  Now that you have all the 'rules and guidelines' out of the way, please share your content and enrich everyone's health and fitness with one of your Inspiration Pictures!

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