What is Your Target Heart Rate?

Calculating your Target Heart Rate allows you to:

  • Avoid overtraining
  • Figure out if you are 'under training'
  • Help determine your maximum heart rate
  • Stay 'in the zone' during workouts
  • Keeps you in tune with your body while working out!
Make your health and fitness OUTSTANDING!

What Happened to the Calculator?

I took it off the website...because I found one so much better and so complete I was embarrassed to have the one I had...so....

I would really like for you to click this link to Race Day Nutrition to see the best  Heart Rate Calculator on the Internet!

The information you enter is easy.

  • The Morning Heart Rate is the number of beats you count for one minute first thing in the morning before getting out of bed.
  • Simply find your pulse on your wrist or your neck and count you bpm (beats per minute). 

Enter your data and then bookmark that page for your reference.

It is the only Target Heart Rate Fitness Calculator that compares, side by side, ALL the major ways to calculate your training rates and then provides a no nonsense explanation.  One of the most helpful pages on the Internet!

Heart Rate Monitors

In the middle of training, it's hard to stop and accurately count your heart rate for a minute.  You can cut that down by counting for 15 seconds and multiply by four.

There are two kinds of training heart rate monitors...ones that have a chest strap and ones that look like a wrist watch.  Everyone has their preferences, but the best selling, highest rated wrist watch monitors on Amazon are made by Polar.  Check out your preferences...

Beachbody's Approach to Heart Rate

Beachbody has a more aggressive approach to fitness than simply 'walking and jogging.  They tend to push aggressive training to create amazing results!

They push the heart rate up to near lactate threshold (almost anaerobic exercise) in bursts and then allow complete rest between sets.  They have shown a workout with that level of pushing may burn up to 1000 calories instead of the normal 300 calories in programs where the heart rate stays in 'fat burning mode'.  You could still burn 1000 calories in a workout, but it would also take more time during that workout.

A common saying at Beachbody is,  "Do your best and forget the rest."  They know day to day you will train at 'different levels' due to fatigue, rest, etc.  Your heart rate may vary day to day.  Yet they want it pushed 'to almost the max' that day can give you.  Kind of like a boot camp / push it approach.  (Their results are amazing!)

As you get into better shape, your heart becomes more efficient so the rate it needs to pump goes down...  Just know you are in better shape.  Regardless, monitoring your heart during exercise will give you a gauge of where you are 'today'.

They like to reserve training in 'fat burning mode' for the longer endurance athletes who need to save some energy to a different part of the race, like the anaerobic push to the finish line.

Safety First

Regardless of your calculated training zone, LISTEN to your body.  If you are over training, it will tell you!  Stay safe and you will have Awesome health and fitness!

Put your Target Heart Rate on your Inspiration Board...
and shoot for it every day!

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