A Shakeology Review...
...The Best Meal Replacement Shakes?

A Doctor's Shakeology Review:

As a medical doctor, I am always skeptical about 'supplements'.  I believe many are worthless and some are downright harmful.  I stumbled on Beachbody's Shakeology...and skipped over it.  Then I saw it again and 'all-natural superfood' captured my attention.  I dug into it...deep.  Beachbody did their homework!  I settled on Shakeology and I personally use it.  I use it because they are the best meal replacement shakes on the market.  Here's Why:

All Natural
No Gluten Used in Manufacturing Process

Pure Protein (or Vegan Protein if you Wish)
Packed with Anti-Oxidants
A Power-Packed Multivitamin / Mineral Complex
Digestive Enzymes

No Creatine
No Hormone Enchancers
No Harmful Weight Loss Stimulants

Chart Showing how these Shakeology ingredients can benefit you! / Download PDF

7 Powerful Ways Shakeology can Improve your Health

Replace Vitamins Missing from your Diet
Convenient way to get your full Nutrition every Day
Decreases Hunger so Weight Loss intensifies
Promotes Healthy Digestion
Increase Energy and Stamina
Improves Bowel Regularity

Can help reduce Cholesterol!*
*See results of a 90 day medical study in this Shakeology PDF!

Are you Ready to Fire up Your Health with Superfood Shakeology?

Click to visit Beachbody's secure website and order your own Shakeology with a Money Back Guarantee!

>> Order today and get 2 online Beachbody Videos FREE!

Compare Beachbody Shakeology
with Other National Supplement Brands

Click here to view a larger Shakeology Review Comparison Chart / Download .pdf

Side by Side comaparison of Shakeology's Ingredients vs Advocare, Herbalife, Body by VI & more! Shakeology wins! See the bottom of the chart for the Sakeology superfoods that NO other brand contains!

Over 100 Doctors Agree Shakeology is
the Best Meal Replacement Shake!

I'm convinced...Here are several other doctors' opinions:

The Smart Way to Order Beachbody Shakeology ... Step by Step

Step 1:  Click 'Get Healthy Now' to visit the secure Team Beachbody / Shakeology website. 

The Best Meal Replacement Shake is just a click away!

>> Any order is 100% money back guaranteed!
>> Get 2 FREE Online videos when you order.

Step 2:  You will have a few options to select as you scroll down the page:

  Select a Flavor or Some Combinations of Flavors!

Select Your Serving Size / Container!

  • 30-Serving Bulk Bag (a large 30 serving bag that comes with a measuring scoop)
  • 24-Serving Packets (individual packets good for those who travel, but you get 6 less servings than the bulk bag..)

Select Your Order Type!

  • Home Direct / Monthly Auto-Ship (this costs no extra...has $2 shipping and you get to explore 2 free online workouts!)  You can easily cancel your Monthly Auto-Ship order at any time. There is no obligation.
  • One time only order to buy Shakeology for this month only

Select the Quantity and Click Add to Cart!

Then complete the secure checkout to buy your very own Shakeology!  A confirmation email will be sent to you.  You should see 'Doctor Matt' under the Beachbody Coach name...if not, you can enter my coach ID: #204822!  I'll be your FREE Beachbody Coach!

Step 3:  Wait!  Sign up for your Shakeology Discount!

To get 10% off your order as you check out (and all other Beachbody products....)  You'll save alot!

  • Join Team Beachbody Club for the $2.99 / month membership (which you can cancel any time)
  • You now have a great nutrition section, VIP access to your favorite trainers, and a personal Beachbody Coach (me!) to guide you step by step.

Order Shakeology to make your own
Healthy Smoothies!

Healthy Superfood Smoothies are only a click away.  Improve your health and wellness today!

>> Learn about Shakeology's
Bottom of the Bag Guarantee

"Shakeology is Too Expensive"
Really?  Let's Look at the Real Cost

Expense is the number one complaint about Shakeology.  The chart below shows what an average consumer would pay for nutritional supplements per month.

Buy nutritional supplements individually and you will pay ALOT MORE than all-natural Shakeology. Spend time scooping & measuring & mixing...or mix up one scoop of Superfood Shakeology

And Shakeology has A LOT MORE NUTRITION than just those shown in the chart:

View all the ingredients in Chocolate Shakeology Nutrition Supplement .pdf

Try to mix all those together yourself...talk about time and expense!

Which One has the Nutrition you Really Need?

One Shakeology Supplement Meal

One Fast Food Big Mac Meal

One Starbucks Grande Mocha Frap




Please do Your own Shakeology Review, too...Even more Resources

The survey of over 3000 Shakeology users explains the real-life health benefits:
Shakeology's Survey Says it Works! ,pdf

Beachbody's complete Shakeology's Website

Check out healthy recipes for Shakeology DESSERTS!
Pies...Sorbet...Mousse...Ice Cream...No Bake Cookies...and More!

Need to Detox?  How about using Shakeology for a 3-Day Cleanse?

Questions about this Shakeology Review? Contact Doctor Matt Coach

With the Trailblazers, All Roads Lead to
---Doctor Matt Coach

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Click to visit Shakeology's secure website. Shakeology is great fuel for your health and fitness.!

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