Energize Yourself by Creating Positive Self-Talk

Re-writing your self talk makes it true for you!

After learning about Negative Self Talk, it's time create positive self-talk!  Most of the time, negative thoughts allow us to avoid gaining total fitness.  Time to zap them...put them behind you...and let's go be Awesome!

Listening and Asking

Start today carefully listening to what you say to yourself!  You can’t just ‘turn off self-talk’ but you can revise the software so it becomes helpful again.  When you hear self talk, ask a simple question,

  • “Is that thought helpful or hurtful to me?

Write down any hurtful self-talk you hear inside.  (Congratulate yourself if it is helpful!)

Now ask yourself the following questions to learn how to weaken it and prepare to replace it with a positive message:

  1. Is that thought really true?
  • Is it always true, each and every time?
  • Has it always been true in the past?
  • What is the worst thing that can happen to me now?
  • Since it is always true, what is the healthiest spin I can put on it for the rest of my life?
  • How can I revise it into positive self-talk so it actually helps me?
  • (These questions may also provide huge incentive to come to peace with any negative history, too, if used well!)

    2.  If my self-self talk isn’t really true...it is a thinking-error...

  • Does that thinking error serve my best interests?
  • Will that negative inner voice advance and encourage my life journey?
  • Does that negative self-talk help me achieve my goals in life?
  • What truth do I really need to tell myself to replace my negative thought?

Writing and Replacing

Take each of your self-defeating messages and write down how to make it work for you.  For example, here is an evolving Doom and Gloom message:

  • “I never stick with anything”

(Not really true, so it becomes):

  • “I’m afraid I won’t be perfect and keep up with the instructor, so I always quit.”

(Replacing it with a true statement that is helpful and reassuring to you):

  • “There are times I have stopped before…and of course I can’t immediately be as good as everyone else”

(And finally may evolve into a motivating message):

  • “Even though I won't keep up at the start, my health and fitness are more important...let’s go for it.”

Positive Self-Talk lets you Enjoy your Health and Fitness!


What action will now put your new, positive self-talk into motion?

  • "I believe the more I stick with Beachbody workouts, the better I will get!  I will press play every day for 3 months."

Notice you also have a new message for your Inspiration Board to put in front of you every day!  And you are free from your negative inner voice forever!  What a bonus.

Now it’s your turn!

You've done it!  Awesome!

Re-write your story...this chapter isn't done and YOU get to decide how it turns out!

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