Personal Accountability:
Are you Hiding it?
Is it An Honor to Display?

The power of Choice is a Great Gift to You!

"Personal Accountability" has a really bad reputation!  Our society makes it sound so serious:

  • Moral Obligation
  • Duty
  • Responsibility (that I fear I haven't really met)
  • Vulnerability to Accusations
  • Blame
  • Burden
  • Unsure if I can explain it as well as I should be able to...
  • Uncertain others will approve
  • Pressure!

It's like they are saying,

  • "Here, let's put this 'you have to prove yourself' weight around your neck.  Now, someone mightier than you will be looking over your shoulder and be ready to 'pounce' if you ever make a mistake.  You will constantly be asked to fulfill their 'burden of proof' questions for every action and decision.  Now, go have a good day and smile!"

Ok, that's a little tongue-in-cheek!  Our society has hijacked a great concept and used it as a thinly-veiled threat, "You better be perfect." Using it that way puts everyone on edge!  You, too?

In fact, it actually tends to make people 'hide more' for fear of being found out!  The outcome?  It stymies the development of personal accountability! 

What's Hiding in Your Closet?

Part of the 'fear' comes from what sits behind everyone's walls...we are all human.

  • Welcome to the Club:  we are all uniquely different and collectively all the the same time!

In all honesty, if you had to lay bare all your 'rights and wrongs'...'good and bad'...'regrets'...poor decisions big and small...embarrassing life events from age 1 to other words have a 'personal accountability' for them all ...and post it on the internet and in the local newpaper...would you do it? 

If you knew everyone was going to comment in any way they wish about your 'little secrets' and 'hold you accountable' would you do it?

In reality, we all keep a back shelf / a little hiding place for things we really don't want 'out there'.  Right?  Everyone's personal accountability remains incomplete at best.  And that is fine, if...

Recognize, Reconcile, Resolve

Wow!  Handled well, even the worst problems in life can help provide the fuel to turn you on to a great path!

Here's the trick:  What is 'hiding in the closet' is yesterday's news.  Personal Accountability for it goes as far as Recognizing it, Reconciling it, and Resolving it, so it carries no harm to our current life.  Sometimes a little help from a trusted friend / coach can speed that along to neutralize any long lasting effects from earlier life. 

If that doesn't happen, we are stuck in the same closet as our history!  Hiding in the closet does not let us live in freedom... So we 'cope' with certain behaviors to neutralize the effects of what sits in the closet with us...mine was eating food.  What's yours?

When you have accomplished Recognizing, Reconciling and can be at peace with yesterday's news.  That news is NOT 'who you are' is 'what happened yesterday.'

Walk out from behind yesterday's wall with renewed strength and peace...feel the freedom and the breath of fresh air greeting you! 

Your Journey Starts Today and Continues Tomorrow

"The best way to predict the future
is to create it."

--Peter Drucker

This part starts with Who You Are.

I hope you have been building an Inspiration Roadmap which outlines the path you want to take toward your own Awesome Health and Fitness.

You have been building a path toward WORTHY goals of your time and effort.

If they are WORTHY goals, you are WORTHY to go get them.

Pursue them with all the vigor and passion of Who You Are!

If your path is lined up with God’s Will for your life, it will also naturally be lined up with love / honesty / truth and His commandments.

What's there to hide?  You will walk with your head up and shoulders back honoring your actions and decisions every day.  That automatically makes you personally responsible without really ‘trying’….  It just happens! 

Day by day, you are enjoying your path...personal accountability has just been made easy!  Who cares if anyone else sees you doing the right thing?  There's nothing to hide...just wave at them!

Yes, you will still have personal information that you won't share with everyone!

  • Business Trade Secrets…yes…show to those of trust.
  • Bank Accounts and Passwords.  Just make sure you are financially accountable.
  • A Back Closet---share with someone you trust if it flares up.
  • Not everyone needs to know everything...but you better know...and know its effect on you!

But Others are Watching!

So what?

Others will see you and hopefully be inspired to emulate your pathway!  You'll want to show them the path you are on!  With strength and a sense of gratefulness, you can encourage them along their path, too!

Let ‘em look.  Let ‘em see…everything!  As you get down your pathway, they will see the health and fitness changes.  You may even want to show off a little...(but just a little!)

They may have their say / opinion and that is fine…but you don’t need their approval.  In fact, welcome their thoughts and be open to grow on a new idea.  Yet also know…you have the ultimate say.

Please don't be tripped up by comparing yourself with others...

  • "They are further along"
  • "I'm not as good"
  • "I'll never catch up to them"

Instead, celebrate their success with them...good for them!  You are on your path and they are on theirs.  Congratulations for their successes!  Learn from their successes!  We live in a big world with plenty of success to go's ok to plant and grow yours, too!

Compare instead your day today to yesterday and keep building!

Personal Goof-Ups

Thank you for being normal!  Takes into consideration that you will goof up.  The moment you do,…recognize it, reconile it by apologizing, forgiving and re working whatever failed, and resolve it.  Before you go to bed that day.  No back closets.  No  stacking up.  Done and over with...forever!  How is that for personal accountability:  easy and over!  You can do it with a smile because you don’t want a mistake or slip to compound itself and make you walk off your cool path!

Ask someone to just listen and give constructive feedback as you walk step by step.  That is voluntary personal accountability...and because you have asked and they have agreed to provide constructive feedback, you can be open to tweaking your game plan and maybe alter your course a little as you are bolting toward your goals!

What about when No One is watching?

It's proven that humans change their behavior when they know they are being watched on camera.  This is where integrity becomes attached to personal accountability.  Yes, there will be

  • That little voice asking you to "Cheat...No one will ever know!"
  • The feeling that says 'Not today!'
  • 'I don't want to...'
  • 'Just this one time' excuses

(Read this you need some help with overcoming Negative Self Talk.)

There will also be 'temptations and distractions'...seeming to call your name! you make excuses for yourself?  Stop.  That's right.  Stop.

These will become easier to overcome as you gain momentum on your pathway.  You passion and drive will argue most of them away. Keeping your eyes on the goal will keep them from wandering to distractions.  You are holding yourself accountable.  Congratulations.  I would then celebrate that success with a good friend.  You can also troubleshoot a stumbling block with a good friend and reset your plans.  Keep it simple and over!

That unexplainable feeling that overcomes you when you have done something you never knew you could do...fuels your tomorrows!

Living your Path!  Day by Day

I really like Jeff Olson's book, The Slight Edge.  He repeats that the little easy steps we do 100's of times a day determine our outcome.  We won't get a bonus for any single one.  We won't get sick if we skip any single one.  But taken over time, the positives and negatives add up to your ultimate path in life.  Keeping your eye on the goal will guide those little your health and fitness!

Seeing the results day after day, establish a reliable way of life that becomes a positive character trait…a habit!

  • It’s not being vulnerable…it’s being open and free.  "Who cares?"
  • You have nothing to hide from yourself, others or God.
  • Claim 100% ownership of results!

‘Personal Accountability’, then becomes automatic and an honor.

At the end of the day…you are accountable to yourself for the positive (or negative) footprints you left on your path that day.  if your path is that special and worthy, you won’t stray and won’t need to stray.  Sleep well.

You are becoming the role model others will look up to for guidance.  You are the leader now.  Congratulations!

If you would like a Beachbody Coach to help guide your Personal Accountability pathway, please contact me!

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