Negative Self Talk Blocking your Fitness Plans?

Learn how to Stop beating yourself up with your Negative Inner Voice!

Negative Self Talk can trip you up!  Let's find out how...

We all talk with ourselves…(you know that conversation you carry on with yourself inside all day?)  Self-talk is designed to help remind or encourage you through your day with messages like, “Way to go”, or “I have to feed the dog before I leave."  It’s brilliant!

Unfortunately, self-talk software can get corrupted...your self-talk becomes self-sabotage!  From helpful to hurtful, thinking errors start leaving messages like, “I am really stupid”, or “I forgot that again…what a dork.”

Leave your thinking error corrupted and you have your own worst critic, right inside your own head!  Listen to it enough and your emotions will ride a roller coaster, too.

Can you see how negative self talk could literally make you unhealthy?

  • ...By the negative inner voice contaminating 'who you are'...
  • ...Believing it...
  • ...And then not following through with healthy decisions!

Good news Negative inner talk software can be fixed, too!  First, look at these patterns of self-defeating messages and write down the ones you hear inside:

1.  Self-Sabotaged with Self-Centered

Self-centered means it’s all about me!  Your immediate whims or your feelings are more important than other people’s feelings or opinions.

  • I don’t care what he says, I’m not going to do it right now.
  • I know I shouldn’t have this cookie, but I just want it.

Your self-talk powers you into action…but with a price.  Afterwards, you have to spend time cleaning up a messy relationship with others…or within yourself.

2.  Assuming the Worst

You believe that only bad things will happen and that you cannot do anything about what happens.

  • “I always get hurt when I work out...I’ll just give up.”
  • “I’ll never be able to be healthy because no one in my family has ever exercised."
  • “I never lose more than 10 pounds, even if I try.”

You are judge and jury...sentencing yourself to life in your own prison with no chance of parole.  While you are 'behind bars' you point out more reasons to stay there!

  • "See, even my treadmill broke.  The fitness gods are against me, too!"

Assuming the worst about other people means you think everyone is always out to destroy your health and fitness plans (whether they are or not!)

  • “I’ll bet he said that on purpose...just to make me mad.”
Comparing with others is a waste of time.  Move forward on your own road!

3.  Doom and Gloom

You are presented with a new possibility and your negative self talk starts dumping all over it:

  • “Oh man, it is too hard to get in shape.  I never tried Beachbody before but nothing works for me.”
  • “I bet I'll get injured the first day.”  “What if….”

Heard that before?  From yourself?  Like an internal psychic, you make predictions, paint an image of failure, and your emotions go cloudy, too.  Your self-talk over-analyzes your whole life in a split second with what you didn’t do…can’t do…or could have done better…and beats you down.  (You don’t need anyone else to criticize you…your own self-talk does a great job!)

Even if someone else encourages you at this point, your negative thoughts push them away:

  • “Yeah, it’s always been easy for her.  She was a swimmer in high school.”

Like a rocking chair...moves back and forth but never gets your any where!

4.  Poor Me

You start feeling sorry for yourself while self-talk whispers,

  • “It’s not fair that other people look better than me.”
  • “I’ve been through a lot that no one knows about.  I just can’t do it.”

Then, you sit around…waiting for everyone else to feel sorry for you, too.  (But ‘they’ don’t even know your situation!)  When they don’t join your pity party, your negative inner voice can turn into anger or thoughts of revenge!  Low self esteem is a common partner with this self-defeating message!

5.  Blaming Others

Blaming others means your self-talk criticizes other people for decisions that really come from you.  It’s called finger-pointing!

  • “If my boss wasn’t upset, I would create more time for exercise.”

It can also mean that you blame your behaviors on things such as drugs, alcohol or just being in a bad mood.

  • “I can’t help it.  I’ve been so sad since my mom passed away three years ago.”

Good News is coming!  After discovering the root cause of negative self talk on Page 2, some tools to re-write into into positive self-talk are on Page 3!

When you are done with Page 3...Nail your new postive self talk on an Inspiration Board so your negative self talk is gone forever!

Please continue...   Page 2   Page 3

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