Learn Where that Negative Inner Voice Comes From...

Learn how a negative inner voice can start very early in life.  But first, finish  learning about the final three kinds of Negative Self Talk started on Page 1...

6.  Minimizing

Minimizing means that you think your problems or behaviors are not as unhealthy or wrong as they really are. You tell yourself (and other people) that your problems are not a big deal.

  • “Everyone else does it.”
  • “I could be smoking, too…but I’m only 30 pounds overweight.”
  • “I’m not hurting anyone.”
  • "It's ok.  I'm not sick yet."

7.  Mislabeling

Mislabeling means that you put a good label on your wrong behavior to try to make it look right.

  • “When I break a cookie in half, all the calories fall out, so it's ok to eat."

Mislabeling can also mean that you describe other people with bad names so it will seem okay to cut them down.

  • “He's looks too good.  I'll bet he will die from a steroid overdose". 

It also means accepting the labels others try to put on you, ever since you were a small child:  (example: “lazy”, “ugly”, “fat” or “stupid”).  You take them inside, believe them, and begin to live them.

  • “My dad always said I was the weak one of the bunch.”

8.  Pipe Dreaming

On the surface, this self-talk can sound positive.  You entertain fantasies of being perfect or obtaining an unrealistic goal:

  • “I’ll have to lose 30 pounds this month.”
  • “I'll be the best Beachbody contestant ever.”

In truth, it is very negative because your plan is unrealistic.  You impose those goals on yourself and then can’t figure out why you didn’t get there.  It leads a new kind of negative inner voice:  Poor Me / Doom and Gloom!

(No pipe dreams allowed!  Develop a real Inspiration Roadmap here!)

How in the World does Self-Talk get so Twisted?

Twisted negative inner voice can be confusing!

Self-talk is a commentary on what you think and believe about yourself and the world around you.  (You can't carry all the little details, so your brain makes a summary that is intended to be a series of positive messages to guide your day.)

You have been constantly monitoring what is going on inside yourself, and in the world around you, since you were a small child:

  • What you believe to be true about yourself
  • How you have reacted to what has happened to you in life
  • How others around you have acted and reacted
  • What people have said to you that ‘stuck’...inspiring or harsh words
  • How past experiences--good and bad--impacted you

You always assign a ‘meaning’ to happenings to help make sense of life.  Meaning then gets stored in the deepest parts of your memory along with the emotion at the time.  If a situation is stored in an unhealthy way…it can become the source of your negative inner voice for years, drowning out the voice of positive self-talk!

Yesterday was yesterday...
what you tell yourself about it can energize or destroy you.

By the way, this is not ‘Positive Thinking’

Anyone can just say something positive but never believe it nor live it.  That is the downfall of 'positive thinking.'

  • First, it is much healthier to ‘stop shooting yourself in your own foot’ with your negative inner talk.  It is time to settle it once and for all.
  • Then, you are free to 're-write the software' and carry your self-talk commentary in a helpful way!
  • Then, you can energize your inner thoughts and emotions to give yourself a boost to be healthier…with a little smile.
  • Now, that’s power!

Good News!  Follow the ideas on the next page and you can stop defeating yourself and start getting different health and fitness results.    (And it won’t cost you a penny!)


Transition from a negative inner voice to positive self-talk on the next page!

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