Hope my New and Improved Life Inspiration Infects Everyone!

“Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.”

                                                                         ---George Bernard Shaw

Even Doctors need to Work Out and Stay Healthy!

I really want to be your Beachbody Coach!

Hello!  Welcome to my Healthy Life Inspiration story...and wish for you!

Figuring it Out

I never found the easy button.  I have spent years of dreaming and planning intricate workouts...starting...only to stop within a week.  (I finally discovered simple works better.)

Time marched on...

"But, I’m smart!", I would lament, so I would plan more…then search some more…and never actually accomplish anything.  (I finally figured out the doing part is important!)

Oh, I cheated with some ‘commercial diet plans’ but knew the whole time that was temporary…and I still wasn’t in great shape.  Or healthy.  (I finally figured out healthy doesn't come in a capsule.)

"A healthy attitude is contagious but don't wait to catch it from others.  Be a carrier."
--Tom Stoppard

The Battle of the Voices

The little, nagging inside voice kept whispering to me:  "It can happen!  Yes, it can!"  In fact, I’ve always heard that little inside voice.  I never seemed to be able to listen well enough.

(I'll bet you have that same little voice!)

I finally figured out my own inside roadblocks screamed at me, getting more attention than that little voice.  Those limiting beliefs about myself and my 'inabilities' spoke incessantly...Negative Self-Talk.  (Not much 'Life Inspiration' there!)  The little inside voice only whispers.

Thus the battle went back and forth.  And I still wasn't healthy.

Eating Smart provides the best Nutrition you can Get!

What's to Eat?

So, to compensate, I have ‘coped’…with food...of course!  I arrived at 264 pounds and totally out of shape at 50…(and never was in good physical shape…ever.)  I have never played sports, although now I can hit a golf ball…kind of.

I have figured out our internal systems need balance.  If there is an internal system out of balance…(like disconcerting, limiting beliefs)...we will respond with a behavior to neutralize it.  In my case…food.

I had to fix those internal roadblocks and resolve some life history from growing up.  (More about how to do that at Inspiration Roadmaps.) Now, at internal peace, the amount of food I consume has eased.  But I still wasn’t in great shape.  Or healthy.

A Different Kind of Journey

Awesome Health and Fitness is about my journey to be truly healthy…to purposefully bring my Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Creative, Emotional, Shape-up and Social Well-Being into harmony with myself.  (You can read more about SPICESS here.)  That little voice has been the voice of God, quietly encouraging me this whole time.  He has blessed me with untold abilities and a healthy body.  He even let me live through cancer.  Some abilities I just thought I didn’t have…some others I have ignored.

There is one life blessing I have spent my life energy pursuing the most: helping others.  I guess I kind of always liked watching the under dog do great things never dreamed possible.

What's a Better Plan than 'Healthy'?

I want to take this next Life Inspiration step to show, (despite my own best failed intentions), God will be there quietly encouraging us along...until His Glory is perfected within us.  In turn, we are enriched and empowered to live out our life purpose.  For myself, that will be even more opportunities to encourage others!  (That is my own little pay-off for this website.)

The message of Awesome Health and Fitness can be spread…one by one…to the corners of the earth.  Encourage a Balanced Life Inspiration, enriching others, so they can also live healthy lives!  Multiply that positive energy and we can make our whole world a better place.  Yes…harmonizing SPICESS is healthy…getting to use them to help even more people is AWESOME!

Healthy Inspirations  Lighthouse

You're a What?

Did I mention I am a doctor?  Oh, I like to help others….I started as a volunteer in a hospital at 13 years old.  The hospital hired me at 16 to work as a nurse assistant in the Emergency Room.  Emergency Medical Technician training set me up for my most exciting job ever…driving ambulances during college.  I went to medical school in Houston and then completed my Internal Medicine Residency.  My passion to teach was noticed, so they asked me to stay an extra year as Chief Resident.  Since, I have enjoyed Internal Medicine private practice.  While initially caring for adults, about 17 years ago, I shifted the focus of my practice to Adolescent Medicine.  Now I care for about 4000 teenagers in a ‘whole person’ approach to medical care…..(SPICESS!)

Sitting beside her running shoes, Mazey is deciding if she is going to exercise today.

Knowledge isn't Enough!

Obviously, ‘knowing what to do’ isn’t enough.  Even our cat, Mazey, can sit by her running shoes but never use them.  It’s that other spark that is required to get off the couch…and I believe it is different for everyone.  Part of the motivation behind Awesome Health and Fitness is for everyone to find their spark!  Then...as you are being healthy...encourage the next person to discover their own Healthy Life Inspiration.  I will post my Life Inspiration / Fitness Transformation Blog, step by step, as I build this site…struggle and all...to do something I have never done.  Join me in your Own Fitness Journey!

"My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty.  She's ninety-seven now, and we don't know where the hell she is."
--Ellen DeGeneres

(Beachbody's motto)

You haven’t found a muscle man or a personal trainer who has been in shape forever.

Quite the opposite!  If you’re looking for someone…

  • Who has been totally out of shape for most of my life (who gets that it isn't easy to just start running 5 miles!)
  • Who couldn’t really do a good push up
  • Who loves caffeine and can eat the whole bag of chips…in one sitting
  • Who has looked for the Easy Button and still hasn’t found it
  • Who ‘knows’ how to get in shape but doesn’t always follow through
  • Who knows how to beat myself up for not sticking with it…

...you found the right place!  Yes...I’ve been there and done that!

I had to decide how to pull off a fitness transformation.  I’ve reviewed several programs and settled on Beachbody.  I don’t have a lot of time with a busy practice, so it had to be compact.  I really didn’t want to spend a lot of money on fancy equipment or a gym…too embarrassed to go!  (After all, I’m a doctor so I am supposed to know better, right?)  Home is the best spot…and it takes me two minutes to get to my garage to work out.  The idea of having to rely on me…to create me…seemed appealing.  God gave me a body that’s been ignored.  I figured I should use it to redeem myself in a way.  Beachbody fits that well.

Just imagine the changes day by day...

I Needed Something Real

What I call do-gooder fitness, like ‘parking my car farther away from the mall’ is a joke.  I have 50 years of negative momentum to overcome….just getting to neutral will be a chore…going to positive would never happen with 'burn more calories by standing up to talk on the phone!' 

Beachbody has the intensity yet commands a sense of ‘cool’ and ‘fun’.   Their Total Life Inspiration approach is helpful and encouraging…you can’t beat Shaun T and Tony Horton!

Food for the Right Reasons Now!

As far as nutrition…real food!  I am eating better than I have in years.  Beachbody has a very clean nutrition focus.  Yes, supplements are recommended because of the intensity of the exercise.  I use Shakeology daily.  I have reviewed it the best I can and believe it is safe for me.  But 98% is eating smart…I like that.

"Happiness is not a matter of intensity, but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony."
---Thomas Merton

I am tuning up the rest of SPICESS as I tune up my body…it all works together.  I am spending more spiritual time with God and am thankful I get this opportunity to spread a Balanced Life Inspiration!  I have just decided to relax and enjoy the journey while I do what I believe I have been called to do…

Healthy Life Inspiration is flowing into my approach to practicing medicine and encouraging others.  However, the word 'healthy' is so over-used and trite today.  Read about the word 'healthy' here! 

Thank you for reading my story.  I pray your journey is healthy, too!

Let's make it 'Awesome!'

With Honor, Allow me to Introduce Alicia

Catalina Island is a great place to find Harmony and Balance!

I am so grateful for my wife, Alicia, believing in me and encouraging me every day!  I truly enjoy our time together…love doesn’t even come close to describing my adoration for her.  Many of my prayers and thanks are for her!

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