Inspiration Stories Capture Our Attention

A simple Inspiration Story with a picture can fire up your heart!
Inspiration Stories  can speak directly to your heart!

We are Hungry...oh so Hungry.

Inspiration Stories are a dime a dozen...the nightly news, the Internet, YouTube...we have been desensitized to the wonder and amazement of the human spirit.  Why do they sometimes leave us with a sense of "Ok, ok, let's get on with it..."?

  • Maybe it is because they are being used to 'fix' the stress we all feel in a busy, chaotic society.  Yet fixing means returning from a negative state back to neutral...'ready to go again'.  We step back into our lives...and need "another story."
  • Maybe it is an air of cynicism..."I can't do that...never have / never will.  Besides, I can't handle what is already weighing me down."
  • Maybe it is a loss of hope.

Maybe there is a better way to use them.

You can actually upload your personal Inspiration Stories Here!

"If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story."
---Orson Welles

Opening to the Message of the Story...

There is something about being human that loves the story of the under-dog...triumph of good over evil...overcoming untold odds...hope when there should be none.

Fairy tales from childhood, classic adventure movies, your children telling you how their imaginary friend helped them capture the imaginary bad guy...those stories stir our heart.

We won't necessarily do the same thing..repeat the same is their story.  Ours is different.  We are in a different place in life, maybe on a different journey...

But maybe, just maybe...there is hope...good will triumph over evil....I don't know it just yet, but can feel it could be possible.

Ahh, the message of the story has captured us.

The Power of the Message

All the Message of the Inspiration Stoy to fuel your Work out Routines!

Only from the heart and spirit can true perseverance thrive.  That means the heart and spirit have to be ignited...the fire stoked...and the you are fueled for your journey.  Possibly accomplishing feats you never knew were possible for you?  Now, with that kind of power, it can be achieved!

Yes, others will accomplish feats they never dreamed..but those are theirs to savor and we can be awed by them!

With a little planning and encouragement, your new power can transform you into the health and fitness expert of your own life.  That additional power can lead to __________________________________ (you fill in the blank for your life.)

That is the reason your Inspiration Stories are so important for rest of us!  Open to the message of the story, our hearts and spirits are warmed up, then fired up...for our own journeys!

From that Awesome! power, maybe...just maybe...

Sharing Your Inspiration Story wll be Motivating to Others!

From impossible to WOW! From struggling to BELIEVING. Your journey needs to be everyone. Let us be a part...and pass your encouragement and strength around the world!

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