Inspiration Sayings Trigger Action!

Inspiration Poems, Inspiration Prayers, and Simple Phrases can all inspire you to be Healthy!

Inspiration Sayings...

When you are on your last breath, sweat dripping from your nose, still aching from yesterday's work out, can you recite the last health and fitness article you read word for word?


At best, you have the 'phrase for the day' constantly repeating in your head...if nothing else, to distract your brain from telling you to quit.  More likely, though, your are using the phrase's 'power' to encourage you to complete your work out!

You can actually upload your favorite personal Inspiration Sayings, Poems and Prayers Here!

How We Tend to Talk with Ourselves

Our brains actually tend to communicate with phrases unless 'formal sentences' are required:

  • "Gotta feed the dog."

Very rarely do we recall an entire chapter on the why this is the best brand of dog food and why we chose a golden retriever over a cocker spaniel.  And why this is the best time in the day for dogs to digest their food....etc, etc.

Many phrases we use have been collected, stored and recalled automatically for years.  It's a great reminder system!

(The way our 'self talk' communicates with us is important.  If yours seems too negative, see this article on Thinking Errors.)

Collecting Inspiration Sayings,
Phrases and Poems to Use for Your
Health and Fitness

Inspiration Sayings are Remembered here...and used when you work out!

With pen and paper in hand, take some time to find a place to relax and sink into your heart and memory....

  • What motivating phrases come to mind?
  • Who told you that one special quote that keeps coming back to help you?
  • What Inspiration Poems come to mind?  Even if you can't remember it exactly, type in what you do know at Bing Search or Google Search and see if you can find it.  Print it out and display it on your Inspiration Board!
  • What did your favorite coach / teacher / friend / ____________ / tell you that has stuck for years?
  • Most of us had a hero growing up.  What was their favorite phrase?

There are two ways to get famous inspiration quotes to fire up your health...

  • If you remember one, add it to your Inspiration Board.
  • If you need a quote about a 'topic' such as 'Enthusiasm', I recommend  I like the way they are set up to search by topic.

Inspiration Poems for Wellness may be a bit rare...

  • Leaf through a book of poems
  • A poem you kept from High School or College
  • Make one up!  "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, You can be Healthy and I can, too!"

Power of Prayer

An Inspiration Prayer can motivate your Heart with the Spirit of God

Your human spirit can be lifted with a single inspiration prayer.

Do you have a favorite prayer to share here?

In fact, if you think about it, Bible teachers do not recommend 'memorizing the Bible'....they do recommend memorizing certain passage to carry with you throughout your day.

The power of that simple prayer / passage can transform you and your day.  If it is needed that day to motivate you to be healthy, use it!  Remember, it is then what you do with being healthy that ultimately counts!

And Finally...

Do Your Best Fitness Inspiration

I would put your phrases on your phone, on your Inspiration Board, in your mind...anywhere they can be pulled up at a moments notice to help you.  Your willpower to exercise will these phrases motivate your heart and spirit stokes the fire to help keep yourself healthy!  That's helpful when sweat is dripping into your eyes.

Let's make our world 'Awesome!'

Sharing Your Best Inspiration Quotes, Poems and Prayers to Encourage Others to Get in Shape!

Pick your favorite Inspiration Sayings, Quotes, Poems and Prayers and tell us how they fire you up! Please include your personal 'story behind the saying'. Let us know how they help motivate you to stay healthy!

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