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To even have a Fitness Transformation, we all have to start with the first step!  I have completed Round One of Beachbody Insanity with several successes and some room to grow.  Yes, I am getting past my own '"I can't do this" and heading toward, "Wow, I can!"

Come join me!  Together, we can say, "Awesome!"

I'll be blogging my way along...adding to the top of this page when I add a post.

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October 6, 2013

Hey, You!  Yeah, You!  The Man in the Mirror!

Get out of the way!  Don't know what you're lookin' at but get out of your own way.  Stop 'thinking about it'...'worrying about it'...'questioning yourself about it'...

I don't know it all, but I know enough to press forward.  I know enough to keep myself safe and well nourished.  I know enough to get some results going.  I finished Insanity as best as I could for someone who has NEVER worked out before, and working full time and being inconsistent...and time for a real step up.

Tomorrow I start a Hybrid 12-week P90X / Insanity workout.  It's on the Team Beachbody website.  I spent a lot of time setting it all up.  I am going to get out of my own way...shut my brain OFF...and truly enjoy this 12 week journey.  Yes, I'll sweat and work harder than I ever have before.  Yes, I'll groan in the mornings some days.  I really want to 'practice' just enjoying it....never thought I would say that...

Do you ever ENJOY working out or is it all work for you?  I'm going to get out of my own way and let you know how it goes!

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October 1, 2013

Turn It On Tuesday!


Eat Clean to Feel Better EVERY DAY

September 17, 2013

Turn It On Tuesday!

There is a popular post on websites that says "You can't out-exercise a bad diet".  The more I exercise the more I can tell it's true.  Eating some bad meals will really drop the way I feel for days.  I am now much more sluggish than I used to be when I 'cheat'!  I used to feel sluggish alot, so a little more sluggish wasn't really noticeable!  As I have felt better and better, the drop becomes something I really like to avoid.  That has added incentive to eat clean every day and keep Shakeology up to speed daily.  It took a few months to get to this Shaun T's words, "And I like it!"  I hope you will take a good look at your diet and continue to improve it day by day!

I'll Do my Part and Allow God to do His...What a Team!

September 8, 2013

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

I have my pride.  Yes I do.  It's always been 'up to me' to make it happen and it always has.  Except this.  Except maintaining an aggressive fitness program.  I'm on a better road than I've ever been with more 'muscle' than I have ever had.  But then...the slip...the slope...and a few days off again.  I hate defeat.  But that was when I never got on the road and started again.  THAT'S defeat.  This is learning true mastery of ME.  That same voice I mentioned previously is whispering again.  God knows when to 'show up' although I know He is always there.  (My pride is working overtime.)  So I posted the reminder sign above for you and for me.  For this week...continue on your road!  Struggling?  Do your part and allow God to do His!

Then Put a Plan in Place and Go for It!

September 3, 2013

Turn It On Tuesday!

I read an interesting chapter from John C Maxwell's 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth this week.  I read the The Law of the Rubber Band--a great read and i recommend it.  It discusses the gap between where you and where you want to be.  I've always thought it was just kind of 'empty': a space between now and the future scattered with a few smaller goals here and there but no clear 'sense' of what it should feel like.  He noted for a rubber band to work it has to be stretched and under tension.  (At total rest a rubber band is not useful.)

That gap needs to be filled with the tension of the rubber band that is anchored on your well written goals and directly to your heart.  Allow that tension to pull you forward, day by day, enjoying the activities that are leading to bigger dreams and results.  It's not 'pressure' to Get R Done right now, but a gentle pull in the very direction you want to go.

If you visualize that rubber band stretched between your results and yourself, it can help keep you focused...the 'reminding tug' saying, "Come this way!"  Your habits tend to fall in line.  In addition, because there is no rubber band stretched anywhere else, 'bad habits' can just fade away as you responed to the tension of the gap!

Have an AWESOME week!  Can you feel the good tension calling your name?

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August 27, 2013

Turn It On Tuesday!

Don't you just love it?  You can stand in front of the mirror and see muscles you have NEVER seen before?  You feel the flex and distinct changes in your muscles you have NEVER felt before?  You can step on the scale and don't care as much about your weight because your percentage of body fat is just melting away?  It's happening.  Not the way I envisioned it, but step by step and workout by workout.  Beachbody and Shakeology is making my health and fitness AWESOME!  You can do it too!

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Sit back for a minute and imagine what awesome health and fitness would feel like...

August 20, 2013

Turn it on Tuesday!

I added the above picture...big...because I would like for you to think outside your box for a minute.  We all have our daily habits and 'have to' topics every day.  Have you imagined your health and fitness at the next level?  What would it feel like?  How would you look in the mirror?  (Don't start bashing with logic about how...yet!)  Imagine what you would DO differently and how you would FEEL doing it.  Imagine a walk down the beach in the best shape of your life!

Can you turn it on?  Maybe take ONE STEP today in that direction?  And then build day by day...just imagine!

August 11, 2013

Google+ is Rocking On!

In the Right Side Column is a link to my page on Google+.  I welcome you to join me there.  It's actually more picture oriented than Facebook and easier to navigate!

I'll be starting a new Awesome Health and Fitness Team on Google+ within the next week and invite you to joint me!  The only requirement is a FREE membership at Team Beachbody with me as your are in!  You can do the same thing on Facebook, but it wll just be with different team members.  Awesome Health and Fitness Team is there, too!

What?  Don't have a membership to Team Beachbody? Click this link and you can sign up right now.  (Check out the club membership for $2.99/month because it has be best nutrition website I've ever seen...right down to making out your grocery lists for you!

I want to Join Team Beachbody now!  Then message me on Facebook or Google+ and I will add you to the are on the way!

August 5, 2013


I started the second part of Insanity...'Insanity Max'...and it is Max.  The very first words out of Shaun T's mouch is, "This video will kick your butt."  Well, it did.  I found a whole new level of soreness...and I thought I had turned the corner toward a better fitness road.  I was wrong.  Yet then I was glad...I have stayed with total health and fitness to reach that next level.  I have NEVER done that before.  I have ALWAYS quit.  Not this time.  I truly understand the level of work it takes to be totally fit.  I'm not jealous of the people who are truly fit...and I am not envious.  I celebrate their successes with them and enjoy the smiles on their faces...because they know they have accomplished a feat that may not have been imaginable in their lives just a few years ago.

How about you?  Are you on a road to better health and fitness?  Is today the day you click on the link and ask me to walk with you...step by a level you never imagined?

Join the Awesome Health and Fitness Team!

July 30, 2013

TURN IT ON Tuesday!

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."  --Dr. Seuss

Today is Tuesday...not always a memorable day of the week.  Yet you will create lots of moments throughout today...I hope you will spend a few moments crafting moments for yourself and your family.  I also hope you will pay a moment forward to help someone else.  Spare a moment to help save our precious earth.  Take a moment to stay healthy.  Your pet will love the moment you spend petting it. 

Add those moments together and you will have Tuesday...tomorrow it will be a memorable day.  Hope all is well with you.  Enjoy your moments today.

Let your Imagination Run Wild and then Make it Real!

July 23, 2013

Word of the Day...'IMAGINEERING'

Coined by Walt Disney Studios, it is the perfect intersection of

  • Our vivid / creative imagination and ideas

coupled with

  • Our thought and construction process to make it happen in real life

Together, our concepts, ideas and dreams and out-of-box goals become reality!

What are your health and fitness dreams?  Have you planned your day by day steps to reach them?  "Imagineer" your future!

It is very difficult but day by day progress from 'ground zero' is AWESOME!

June 30, 2013

Taking the Show Public!

Wow...I think everything is set up to take the good news on the road.  All my social media is set up and this website is growing.  I REALLY like Pinterest.  You can pretty much search 'DoctorMattCoach' on any of the social media sites and find me has been a learning curve for someone who isn't tech savvy.  Yet I've enjoyed it.

This week:  I really want to Hit Insanity and my nutrition 'perfectly'!

June 23, 2013

Eating Healthy on Vacation is Tough!

Just returned from 10 days vacation...eating healthy is tough!  I want to do some research and put up a page on the best ways to do it.  Taking Shakeology and my Magic Bullet blender next time would be the starting point.  Activity on vacation is hiking and 'going' didn't miss much movement except the intensity of it.  It was 93 degrees HOT sweat was pouring.  Water intake was less than usual.  Starting back this weekon my fitness transformation!

Good news...I've ordered Vanilla Shakeology!'s brand new and so I put up a page with why it took so long...I really like the way Beachbody does their research.

June 14, 2013

Shakeology Hits Reality!

This has been interesting...I've never taken a 'Supplement' on a regular basis ever in my life.  Medically, I have a problem with bodybuilding supplements.  Shakeology is different because of the ingredients and because of it's purpose.  (Shakeology Review and Doctor's Opinion.)  Now that I have been on it, I truly believe my sense of never-ending hunger is almost gone!  Medically, that could be because I am finally getting complete nutrition and not stuffing my face with empty calories.  That could be the aggressive Insanity exercise that can cause appetite suppression.  Maybe it is some of all of this...but I LIKE IT!  I'm always skeptical, but now I am impressed.

By the way, there are still some openings for the 'You Choose Your Beachbody Workout' Challenge Group later this month!  Just Contact Me and I will add you to the Group! Together, we will be 'Awesome!

Wow!  Beachbody can really make you sweat...but notice, I'm smiling!

June 11, 2013

You're Invited!

Hey, everyone!  Later this month, let's start a 'You Choose Your Beachbody Workout' Challenge Group!  It will be limited to about 20 people, and I would like several of the Beachbody Workouts we can hear more about each!  Even if you have never, ever worked out, or just want to try a new one, Contact Me and I will add you to the Group! This will be 'Awesome!'

"I do cardio. I run. I strength-train using my own body weight.  I don't like free weights because I build muscle easily."
---Kellie Clarkson

June 9, 2013

Round Two of Beachbody Insanity Under Way!

It's been a week and I missed one day due to work...that happens sometimes.  I have started at such a higher level.  I can do push ups now and can keep up so much better!  When I started, I wasn't at ground zero, I was below sea level...drowning.  That's changed!

I can SEE MUSCLE and FEEL MUSCLE in places I never knew could HAVE MUSCLE!

I really like the fact that I have NO special equipment or weights!

An opportunity to start Beachbody Coaching opened up in front of me'm a Coach!  Never would have dreamed it.  I have been adapting my medical career to helping others with their health and fitness.  It's fun!

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