Fitness Tips for Beginners:
Start with an Inspiration Roadmap

Brainstorm first before you just start  your at home workout!

Top Two Fitness Tips for Beginners?

  • Do not start with a New Years Resolution
  • Do not try running a marathon the first day.

While there is no one best way to start, do not sabotage yourself with a weak plan or setting yourself up for injury! 

There is no Easy Button.  No magic.  If there was, it would be common knowledge...on the front page of every paper...and we would all have 6 pack abs.

Before you sign up at the gym or spend a bunch of money...take a deep breath and decide what your goal really is...

Decide what Health and Fitness Really Means


Do you want to:

Look Healthy?
Be Healthy?

I vote to Be healthy.  Then you will look healthy, too! (You can learn more about 'healthy' here!)  There are many ways to cheat, and I do not recommend any of them.  Some supplements, for example, may help you look healthy but can be very dangerous.

Please make a commitment today:  don't do anything that endangers your health and well-being.


Awesome Health and Fitness means ALL of you.

Spiritual Well-Being
Physical Well-Being
Intellectual Well-Being
Creative Well-Being
Emotional Well-Being
Shape Up* Well-Being
Social Well-Being

We all have the same need to be healthy, and we all bring a different SPICESS to life.  Kind of cool because we each get our own flavor!

*We all have to be aware of what is out of balance and have a plan to immediately address and rebuild any of the SPICESS at a moment's notice.

Add Spice to Your Life!

Some believe if you just exercise and eat right you will be healthy and fit.

  • As a personal example, I have known what to do (Intellectually Fit), but have been very physically unhealthy (Physically Unfit.)  Yes, I have been very unhealthy.
  • You probably know people who are Physically Fit but make really poor intellectual decisions or may be Emotionally Unfit.  They would qualify as unhealthy, too!

Health and Fitness is nurturing all of your SPICESS to make you...Awesome!

Putting it all Together...

Being Healthy is like all the Muscians playing in Harmony...Beautiful Music!

Health and Fitness is a symphony.  Each component in SPICESS is playing its part.   Each is playing a different role so it won't sound or feel like the have to handle each 'instrument' slightly differently.

Looking nice in the chair is worthless.  Being able to play the part it's designed to play is inspiring.  Sometimes one part may need to play a has to be practiced and ready to take the lead!

Missing a SPICESS 'instrument' is noticeable...a symphony without a violin?  That's like being smart but physically's noticeable.

Take a moment... remember the sounds created when a symphony warms up...clashing tones, no sense of direction, and everyone doing their own thing...not a lot of 'music'.

...the conductor (you) steps up to direct the symphony as a whole... are overwhelmed by beautiful music that truly is inspiring / comforting / and exhilarating all at the same time! 

SPICESS are performing in perfect rhythm, balance and harmony!  A masterpiece!  You are in the zone!  You are experiencing Total Health and Fitness.

In that moment, you say, "AWESOME!"

Everyone's symphony (SPICESS) performs unique music...some may be performing 'Bach' and some may be performing 'Yanni'....yet all of us can tell when it is totally in the zone.  Music that deserves a standing ovation, please.

Knowing Everyone has Unique SPICESS,
Knowing Everyone has Different Music to Play,
It's Time to Create Your Custom Inspiration Roadmap!

It's New!  Make it Exciting and Go for It !

Before you go on a trip, you have to know where you are going!  Same with your Awesome Health and Fitness 'Fitness Tips for Beginners' plan!

With SPICESS in mind, brainstorm your new SUPER ME Finish Line...

SUPER ME means

  • Specific
  • Uplifting
  • emPowering
  • Exciting
  • Reachable
  • Measurable
  • Enjoyable

Wherever you draw the finish line, it really needs to incorporate SUPER ME or you will have a greater chance of failing.  When you reach the finish line, what specifically is it going to look like and feel like?  Take a moment to relax and visualize it in your mind. 

Using SUPER ME as a guide, write out what your SUPER ME Finish Line will look like now.

Next, decide the Reward you will give yourself for reaching it successfully.  (You could also break down your reward to a smaller rewards at the end of each successful week!)

Now:  The most important Awesome Health and Fitness concept:

The goal of Awesome Health and Fitness is NOT being in shape!  It is what you will do and how you will live after saying, 'Awesome!'

In other words, the Finish Line is NOT your goal.  It is the life you will live AFTER you cross the finish line...the masterpieces your symphony will play for the rest of your life!

So begin to list:

  • ALL the things you will do
  • How you will be
  • Where you will go
  • What you will allow to happen
  • What you want to experience, etc.

...after you have crossed your Finish Line.

If you can look at what you just wrote with a skip inside your heart and really feel compelled to follow through to the end, put your SUPER ME Finish Line, Reward, and the life you will live on your Inspiration Board.

If not, please revise your goal to something that ignites a fire inside and puts a great big smile on your face!  This is BIGGER than a 'New Year's Resolution!'

Brainstorming How to Reach the Finish Line

Now, you know where you are going and some deeper inspirations are rumbling! 

When you travel, you are going to choose a 'way to get there' / walking / boat /'s time to brainstorm the way to get there.  Taking SPICESS as a whole can be complicated.  I recommend breaking it down piece by piece.  Then give yourself time to make some decisions.  I will choose Physical Fitness as an example.

After years of looking, I have settled on Beachbody to get me there...WHY?

  • The work has been done for me!
  • The research is documented and scientific
  • It is intense enough to push me
  • They have a great nutrition program using real food
  • It is encouraging and fun!
  • Moves can be simplified to be included in Fitness Tips for Beginners
  • And then the moves can be more difficult so it can be included in 'Fitness Tips for Experts!'

Do your research to decide...but please don't re-invent the wheel...find a 'how to get in shape' system where the work has already been done.  Go around kicking some tires and determine what system is intense enough to get you there.

Work outs that are tedious and difficult can be a motivation killer.  Increasing your fun and excitement boosts your chances of sticking with your workout program.  Team sports, outdoor activities and physically fun hobbies, like biking, are generally more stimulating than self-conscious gym workouts.

Decide which system is right for you and be done with your investigation.

Now...before you go a step further.  You know your medical history and you know where you want to go and you know how you want to get there.  Please read Fitness Tips for Beginners Safety Page before embarking on your journey!  Can you get to your Finish Line safely?

After your return from the Fitness Tips for Beginners Safety Page, sketch out a rough time line from today to your Finish Line.  Begin plotting realistic step-by-step ideas on that line...which taken one at a time...will get you there!  You are now firing up the engines!

Please don't drive down the road while you are looking in the rear view mirror.

Resources for your Project

What Fitness Tips for Beginners Resources do you need for this journey?

This is a new project, so please budget your money carefully...until you have the Finish Line in sight.  (One reason I like Beachbody is because YOU are the exercise equipment in your own home!  Cheaper!)

Who do you need to alert and ask for their support?  Who would you like to invite to be your exercise partner?  Who do you need to ask not to bring you chocolate chip cookies to sabotage your efforts?

Is this project lined up well with your Internal Values and Morals?  Will you rely on God / Spiritual help to reach your SUPER ME Finish Line?

Begin your Inspiration Board now.  Begin writing your favorite quotes, supporting affirmations and pinning your favorite motivating pictures.

Exercising to upbeat music has been shown to increase duration and intensity of exercise.  Everyone's SPICESS is different, so choose some music to fire you up!

Will you need any additional equipment / food choices / etc? 

Learn how to use Personal Accountability to Your Advantage!

What Roadblocks are in Your Way?

External Roadblocks

  • If you are qualified to do this (for example some are required to have a bicycle permit)...
  • If you have clearance to do this safely...
  • If you have an adequate budget...
  • If you have set aside adequate time in your schedule...

Do you see any Life Events or Holidays coming up that would knock you off track?

Internal Roadblocks
Usually is your own Self-Talk...

  • "Can I do this?"
  • Is there a history of personal exercise failures?
  • Do you lack confidence in yourself?
  • Is there a fear of failure?
  • Will out of control emotions stop you?

If so, write them down and learn to extinguish your negative self talk!

Other Life Activities

  • Family...
  • Career...
  • Commitments...

Can I live the rest of my life and still go for my SUPER ME Finish Line?
Do I need to break this down into smaller finish lines and move forward more slowly? 

Once you have resolved these Fitness Tips for Beginners Roadblocks, know you are paving the way for a smoother ride!

It's Time to Add your Personal Commitment

"Desire is the key to motivation, but it's determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek."
--Mario Andretti

In a quiet setting, please write your answers to these questions:

  • Is this worthy of my Complete Commitment?  Or is this a whim / New Years Resolution?
  • Why invest my time here instead of elsewhere?  Is all of this going to be worth the price I am about to pay?
  • What will be my attitude toward this?  (I recommend relaxed confidence.)
  • What will be my attitude on that day I really don't want to follow through?  (Time to fire up with Fitness Inspiration pages!)
  • What would be the worst outcome and could I handle it?
  • Can I really take this risk?
  • What would be the real cost of any damage / injury / financial loss / failure?  Am I prepared to pay it?
  • What is my back up plan in case this one doesn't go well...just in case?

Write a paragraph on the compelling reasons you need and want to proceed.  If you can't write a paragraph, you don't have enough 'reason' to move forward with your Fitness Tips for Beginners Inspiration Roadmap as you have it planned.  Tweak the steps above this one and make it ROCK.

Now...Are you ready?

Your Inspiration Roadmap is Why!  Others WILL notice!

Order Your Action Steps

Good News!  The momentum has already started...

You are in tune with your SPICESS...have set your SUPER ME Finish Line...have removed roadblocks that would stop you after you started...and added every incentive you could to make this happen...even your REWARD!  Just like a building has to have a strong foundation, learning how to get in shape involves the foundation you have just created...

Time to Build!

The final action steps are now easy!  In less than 10 steps, write out what you need to do first, then next, then next to reach the finish line...

For Example

  1. Call Beachbody to Order Hip Hop Abs
  2. Clean out all the bad food in the kitchen
  3. Ask my wife to support me with healthy meals and an Inspiration Note!
  4. Set up my Exercise Space
  5. Finish my Inspiration Board
  6. Get new work out shoes
  7. Review any Fitness Tips for Beginners safety warnings
  8. When DVD's arrive, set my alarm 30 minutes earlier and press play every day

Try to word your steps in a way that bring Joy to the Journey every day.  Make these steps pleasurable, time efficient and flexible.

Integrate your steps with your current calendar to decrease the likelihood of scheduling conflicts and last minute changes.  This very step makes your plans a new habit!  You are on your way!

Fitness Tip for Beginners Lesson:
Today is the ONLY Important Step

Today, your 'thinking' is over...turn off that part of your brain!

  • Your decisions have been made
  • Your resources have been gathered
  • Your commitment is nailed in place 

Settle in, and enjoy your journey.

And the Next Step Is (ANSI) is a concept that has proven useful to maintain momentum by keeping you focused on Right Now.  On your Inspiration Board, or a whiteboard or an Action Note, write the answer to this question:

"What's the best simple step I can take right now toward my SUPER ME Finish Line?"

The answer is the ONLY part of the whole journey that is real...happening right now, TODAY.  The rest is in the future and what happened yesterday happened yesterday.

Every choice matters...especially this next one...

'I may want to do this..but I need to do that..."

The answer will change keep it fresh and you'll keep moving forward!


Actively manage distractions and temptations.

Divert your attention from the Finish Line and you will only see Road Blocks and Problems. 

Monitoring ANSI with Feedback

By writing out your Fitness Tips for Beginners Roadmap, you have just started a new lifestyle, which is what Awesome Health and Fitness entails.  Your symphony won't play well hasn't practiced at this concert hall before and this is a new song.  Be patient and kind.  You are where you are.

Shaun T with Beachbody has always said bring 100%...of today's effort.  That effort is supposed to fluctuate day to day, and it will!  Bring your best 100% every day to enjoy the changes.

Start creating new habits:
"How can I automate these lifestyle changes so I can do them without 'thinking my way' through them?"  (You know, like tying your is so don't think about just call it it...then store it away...ready for next time...and go on about your day...)

You are building new talents and skills and gaining knowledge...enjoy your SPICESS!

Chart your progress on a calendar or Inspiration Board but keep your plan realistic.  (Avoid Pipe Dreams and Thinking Errors.)  Once a week, spend a few minutes reviewing your steps, updating your Inspiration Board, tweaking your plan, deciding ANSI and keep on goin'!

  • "Is my pay off this week saying, "I may not have wanted to do all this but I am so glad I did?"
  • "Is this developing and encouraging the Best Me?"
  • "Is this enriching my life or someone's life I love?"
  • "Is this making me come alive?  Even if it is difficult?"

Learn more about not allowing others around you not sabotage your efforts by harnassing your Personal Accountability!

Need a Helping Hand?  Send Doctor Matt a Message!

You have made it through Fitness Tips for Beginners!

You now have an Inspiration Roadmap and lots of new supporters.  We are ALL here for YOU!  Help is a question away!

"How to Get in Shape" could be tedious.  Instead, keep it inspirational!  Put your energy into being healthy, the planning is over!

Please visit Fitness Inspiration to share your journey...others need your ideas and encouragement.  Share your symphony's masterpiece!

Let's make it Awesome!

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