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Follow Your Heart to Find the Strongest Fitness Inspiration

The 'Heart' of Fitness Inspiration...Yours!

Congratulations!  It's your turn to share in the action...upload your very own fitness inspirations to encourage everyone to real health and fitness!  Just Click on one of the links to find an expanding world of real people's messages, stories and pictures.  Feel free to take an idea and let it fire you up!  Enjoy!

Share your Personal Fitness Story and Inspiration

From tragic to WOW, and from couch potato to really fit, allow these Inspiration Stories to warm your heart and fire you up.  Please share yours...then allow someone else's journey to energize you!

Share Your Fitness Pictures

Share any picture that motivates you to be the best you can be!  Before and After photos, a favorite vacation memory, your grandson, your smiling off your enthusiasm and spark the energy of others!

Share your Inspiration Stories to Encourage Others!
Share Your Inspiration Pictures Here!

Your 'Exercise Humor' may Help Someone Run a Long Way!

We all love to laugh!  Leave a fitness joke, funny story, or maybe an embarrassing moment that turned out really good!

(And there's More Coming...!
Check out these pages soon!)

Workout Inspiration

Diet Inspiration

Visit Exercise Humor and Share your Funny Story!
Coming Soon!  More Pages to Share Your Fitness Inspiration!

Share your Inspiration Poems & Prayers

Many find the deepest motivation from spiritual power that flows into your daily activities.  Poems speak to the heart in a way no trainer ever could.

Share your Inspiration Sayings and Quotes Here on this Page!

What your favorite coach said..what your mom always told you about health and's the little phrases that can make the difference between quitting or continuing...Share in the Comment Box below!

Inspiration Prayers Speak to the Heart!
Share Your Favorite Quotes and Inspiration Sayings Here!

Use Your Inspiration Board to Capture your Ideas

Fitness Inspiration Action Notes can Fire UP your Day!

Capture some ideas to take with you today!

A simple Post-it Note or a decked out Vision Board can provide the nudge you need to keep going every day.  Now, put your favorite Fitness Inspiration photos and phrases on your Inspiration Board! one for someone you are encouraging to get off the couch and get healthy!


Thank you for sharing!  I hope you have gathered some new ideas to excite you tomorrow...a slightly different way to boost your energy every day!

Let's make it 'Awesome!'

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  • Those little words and phrases are what we carry with us all day!  Yours may spark someone into the best health and fitness they have ever experienced in their lives!
  • We all like comments!  We all love people's thoughts that we can lift out of a website and put into our daily lives!  Thank you for enriching everyone's web experience!
  • Do you have a website?  We will link your name to your website which may improve your site ranking with Google.  Because we include your web link, other readers are welcome to click through and visit your site, too.

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