This Fitness Challenge PAYS YOU to Get Fit!

Beachbody's Fitness Challenge will challenge your body and change your life.  Follow the step by step instructions and you can get paid just to get in shape!

How can this be?  Watch this!

Just for completing your challenge, you WILL get a FREE T-shirt.  (Believe me, you will have earned it!)  Just THINK, you could also win a daily prize of $500...all the way up $100,000!

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Step by Step:  Entering your own Beachbody Fitness Challenge Today

Step 1:  Sign Up!

If you need to join Beachbody (FREE by the way), follow this link first to sign up:

I want to Join Beachbody for Free!

If you already are a Beachbody member, (or you just joined), follow this link directly to:

I want to start my Beachbody Fitness Challenge!

  1. Click 'Start Now' at the top of the Challenge Page to explore workout options!  You will obviously need a Challenge Pack containing a Beachbody workout plan and recipes for superfood Shakeology to energize your workout.  If you need help choosing, please Contact Me!
  2. Now you are ready to click the 'Learn More' button on the Challenge Page to see all the rules and information.  Today, click 'Commit Now' after you have familiarized yourself the the rules.  It will confirm your information is correct.
  3. Choose Shakeology under Nutritional Supplements
  4. You also get to choose the size of your FREE T shirt today!

Step 2:  Time to Work Out!

  1. It's time to start working out.
  2. If you want to join others at this site and have access to free exclusive step by step guides to help you, Join the Trailblazers!

Step 3:  Time to enter the contest for a chance to WIN!

  1. Now that you have started working out, you will need to keep up with your Beachbody profile and track your progress.
  2. After 30 days, I would consider entering the daily contests for $500 and the Nutritional Contest, too! Follow this link and click on 'Enter my Results Now":

Beachbody Challenge Enter Results Page

Notice the questions you need to answer are a large part of the judging!  Take your time to create an awesome answer!  You are done! 

Continue your workouts and send in more results for more changes to get paid to work out!

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Visitors provide Awesome Ideas to expand everyone's adventure!

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