Use Some Exercise Humor to Fuel Your Fitness!

"What do you mean I have to run?  I want to ride my bike!"

Firing up some Exercise Humor before running 2 miles is enough to make you forget sweating like a dog!  That little funny story or picture can distract you from that last mile!

Have a funny exercise story or picture?

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Quick!  Save the Day!

Can you laugh at yourself sometimes?

Sometimes your 'best workout plans' don't go well:

  • A blown out shoe
  • A stumble in front of someone you were trying to impress

Can you laugh for a minute?...Or do you just get mad? 

  • One of those will send you back again tomorrow to see what mis-adventure is waiting for you.
  • The other may sabotage tomorrow's workout!

You can bring your 'Best Self' every day...even if it isn't a perfect workout day!

Is it Worth a Little Laugh?

Funny Yoga Pose

We've all been there while working out...seen it...(or done it) and chuckle every time it comes back up.  Those experiences that are kind of funny, make you chuckle.  Or every time you go to a certain look down the beach and there he that funny pose again looking for crabs.  (Although I really suppose that guy is in really good shape...)

I believe humor is an approach to an otherwise stressful situation (like intense exercise), that tends to 'lighten the load' and decrease the seriousness of the sweat dripping from your nose...

You could say,
"I think this last mile is going to kill me..."

"I'll cheat and step on the scale right when I get back...I've lost weight!"

I truly believe the brain carries humor in a different place than the life and death events in life.  When recalled, it can serve as a 'workout inspiration' to offset the 'sweat' of staying healthy.  (So why not keep a humorous outlook all day?)

Fuel for Your Workout

Exercise Humor!

Don't ask because I don't know.  I just thought it was funny but...again...he has to be in pretty good shape
to be able to do a hand stand!

Bringing a chuckle to your fitness plan is really about bringing playfulness.  Kids run around with boundless energy for hours having fun...they don't call it exercise.  It's an approach adults tend to lose as life gets serious...

...and then you sneer and say, "I'm determined to exercise and get fit. NOW."

Yes, it's time to lighten up and do it all with a twist of fun.

Let's make a promise to each other...let's make Health and Fitness fun...playful...adventurous...let's make it Awesome!

How have you added play to your Health and Fitness? 

We cannot hear about 'too many' funny situations or stories...

Now it's your turn!  I've started a Google+ Community called

"Exercise Humor and Fitness Jokes!"

I hope you will click 'Preview Community' and then 'Join Community'!

Add your own personal Fitness Humor!

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