Children BMI Calculator

The Children BMI Calculator uses different calculations because they are rapidly growing and changing. No messy growth charts needed!

If you are over 18, you need to go to BMI Calculator for Adults.

  • Click Male or Female
  • Simply put in your age (18 or less)
  • Add your height (and change the drop down box to inches as needed)
  • Add your weight (and change the drop down box to pounds as needed)

Your answer will automatically appear!

Child Body Mass Index Calculator
Enter the following data
Gender of the child
Age of the child years
BMI (kg per meter square)
BMI percentile
BMI as a multiple of the mean BMI
Automatic recalculation

Interpretation of a Child's Body Mass Index

A younger person's BMI is expressed as a percentile.  That is a comparison of their height to weight ratios to all the other children at the same age.  


18.5 or less



30 or more

BMI Percentiles

Less than 5th

5th to 85th

85th to <95th

Greater than 95th



Ideal Weight Range



It is much more useful to do frequent measurements e.g. every 3-4 months, to see if your child is crossing a percentile.  If the body mass index is increasing quickly, your child's weight itself may be abnormal.

  • As an example, if your child's body mass index percentile is now at the 10th percentile and at the 60th after 3-4 months , your child's weight may be abnormal althaugh both BMI values are within normal range!


Even young children need exercise and nutrition that's fun.  Put down the video games and join the Club!

Good News!  Beachbody has an AWESOME set of educational work outs and nutrition lessons for kids!  It is well-researched and fun!  Click on Shaun T's Fit Kids Club and check it out!

The whole family can be involved with Awesome Health and Fitness.  This is about eating smart and exercising smart...and keeping it fun and exciting!

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