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The BMI Calculator below give you more power to track your health and fitness goals.  It is intended to be an indirect method to assess your percentage of body fat.  If you don't have access to measure your body fat, this calculator can be helpful!

For your child's BMI (age 18 or less), go to Body Mass Index Calculator for Children page.

What is the Body Mass Index?

The body mass index is used as a measure of health risk.  It actually calculates your mass per surface area.

BMI is very limited if you are very muscular...your BMI will read artificially 'high'.  Be careful with your results if you are an elite athlete.



Normal Weight


Obesity Grade 1

Obesity Grade 2

Obesity Grade 3

BMI Results

less than 19





40 or more

The World Health Organization's use of the BMI does not differ with your age or sex.








Normal BMI







The National Research Council (NRC) published this table in 1989 to give a range of 'Normal BMI' for different ages.

Notice the BMI is not accurate less than 19 years of age.

Now, Let's Measure your BMI

  • Click Male or Female Button
  • Click your body style as it is now:  'Fat' / 'Normal' / 'Ripped'
  • Move the Height slider to enter your height (or enter it into the boxes)
  • Move the Weight slider to enter your weight (or enter it into the boxes)
  • Your BMI automatically appears!
  • Compare your results to recommended normals.

(You will need javascript active to use this calculator.)

The BMI is calculated with the formula weight divided by body height in meter to square. To make it easy for visitor of your web page to calculate the Body Mass Index, use the BMI Script/BMI-Club for your homepage . Please take also a look at About BMI.
Thank you for using the Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator of BMI-Club.

"Your body is a direct result of what you eat as well as what you don't eat."
---Gloria Swanson

Calculate your Ideal Weight!

Thee are TWO WAYS on this page to Calculate your Ideal Body Weight:

  • Move the BMI slider to the normal range for your age group.  The weight slider automatically adjusts to the healthy weight associated with your height.
  • Enter the data below for an automatic update and range.  Use the drop down menus as needed.
  • How to determine your Frame Size:
         Grip your wrist using your thumb and longest finger.
             If your finger and thumb don't touch you are a LARGE frame.
             If your finger and thumb just touch you are a MEDIUM frame.
             If your finger and thumb overlap you are a SMALL frame.

Ideal Body Weight Calculator for Adults
Enter the following data
Your gender
Your height
Your body frame
  Ideal body weight in kilograms Ideal body weight in pounds
Range to to
Automatic recalculation


A real target to shoot for during your workouts!  Let's make if Awesome!

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