The Best Shakeology Recipe is a Simple Shakeology Recipe!

Your Shakeology already has all the nutrition packed in...over 20 antioxidants and phytonutrients to rev up your batteries! Plus, the great taste will please your taste buds!  Weight Loss made easy!

The Best Shakeology Recipe is easy!  Beachbody has done all the work for you.  They have truly created "Nutrition Simplified" by packing in the nutritional value.  Learn how to Mix and Match just a few ingredients to create several great tasting Shakeology Recipes & Smoothies!

(Compare Shakeology's Nutrition
with the other National Brands)

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Mix and Match these Ingredients for Simple Shakeology Recipes!

Choose Almond MIlk for a Different Shakeology Recipe Taste


Organic 2% or Skim Milk

Pure Almond Milk

Flavors and Extracts

Rum Extract
Peppermint Extrac
Mint Extract
Vanilla Extract

Try different flavors and extracts to add variety to your Shakeology Recipes!
Jello Sugar Free Instant Pudding added taste and creamy textures to your Shakeology Recipes!

Jello Sugar-Free Pudding Mix

White Chocolate / Vanilla
Pistachio / Cheesecake
Chocolate Fudge


Instant Coffee

Brew Your Favorite Coffee Flavors
(and chill it over ice before you add it!)

'Cheat' and add ice cold coffee to your Shakeology Recipe for a rich taste!
Nothing beats pure ice cold water to keep you hydrated! Always part of a balanced healthy diet.

Water & Ice

4-5 ice cubes to keep it cool

1/8-1 cup of water as needed

(Thicker shakes:  Less water / ice)
(Thinner shakes:  Add more Water / ice)

Go Bananas!


(Substitutes for ice cubes and makes your smoothie recipe creamy!)

Bananas are great nutrition boosters!

*How to Freeze a Banana

  • Peel
  • Cut into 'ice cube size chunks'
  • Put one chunk each into an ice cube tray so they won't stick together
  • Freeze overnight
  • Then transfer to a freezer bag for storage

Two Kitchen Appliances to make your Best Shakeology Recipes Easy!

Magic Bullett blender makes your Shakeology Recipes simple and cleans up fast!

Magic Bullet Blender

What can I say?  Put the ingredients in the larger container, screw on the lid, push to blend and that's it!

  • No mess clean up
  • Perfect for one serving Shakeology!
  • Leave the lid on it for no-spill 'take it with you' convenience.

Keurig Coffee Maker

A single cup in just a few minutes of my favorite coffee!  I will chill it in the freezer for about 20 minutes to get it 'ice cold'.  It becomes the 'water' in my recipe.

  • There are any number of coffee flavors you can play with while making your Shakeology Recipes!
Keurig makes getting a single cup of coffee easy!  Try lots of flavors!

Ready for your own Super Food Shakeology?

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It's Here!  New Vanilla Shakeology is in the House!

(Learn why it took Beachbody so long to create an all-natural Vanilla Shakeology.)

Vanilla Latte!

1 pkg Vanilla Shakeology
1 cup Coffee (iced)
1/2 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk
1 tsp Pure Maple Syrup (or Honey)

Wow!  Vanilla Shakeology will Rock your Socks off.  All Natural and no Gluten!
Your weight loss inspiration can come to life with Shakeology.  It truly helps to tame your appetite because it is packed with nutrients.  NO STIMULANTS allowed!

Iced Mocha

1 Pkg Vanilla Shakeology
1/2 Cup Almond Milk
1/2 Cup Brewed Coffee, chilled
1 teaspoon Unsweetened Cocoa
4-5 Ice Cubes

Here are my Favorite Chocolate
Shakeology Recipes!
(Feel free to subsitute the New Vegan Chocolate!)

(You can throw in a dash of almost any extract flavor for a totally different taste every day!)

Chocolate All the Way Beachbody Shakeology Recipe is easy!

Chocolate all the Way

1 package Chocolate Shakeology
1 cup milk
1/4 pkg White Chocolate Pudding
4-5 Ice Cubes
1 Dash of Rum Extract for pizzazz

Chocolate Mocha!

1 package Chocolate Shakeology
1 cup milk
1/2 cup favorite coffee
(or 1 Tbsp instant coffee)
Dash of Cinnamon
Ice to taste

Choose your best flavor of coffee to make your Shakeology Chocolate Mocha
Thank You to Beachbody's Carl for this great tasting Shakeology Recipe!

Carl Daikeler Special

1 package Chocolate Shakeology
1 Tbsp almond (or peanut) butter
1 banana
3/4 cup water
Ice to taste

Here are my Favorite Greenberry Shakeology Recipes
(Now with Improved Flavor!)

Shakeology Greenberry's new Flavor can make your weight loss inspiration come alive!  Make it part of your balanced diet and you can skip your vitamin supplements!

Green Mint Greenberry

1 pkg Greenberry Shakeology
1 pkg Pistachio Instant Pudding
1 tsp of Pure Mint Extract
4-5 ice cubes

Green Protein

1 pkg Greenberry Shakeology
1/2 pkg Pistachio Instant Pudding
1 Tbsp Almond Butter
5-6 Ice Cubes

Shakeology Greenberry's new Flavor is MUCH better.  Try it!

My one Favorite Strawberry Shakeology Recipe

Shakeology now has TWO Strawberry Flavors:

  • Regular Strawberry
  • Tropical Strawberry is Vegan!
The new Strawberry Shakeology really tastes good!  Tropical Strawberry is a lighter taste and vegan.  Either one, blended with several fruits in your Magic Bullet, will fire up your taste buds!

SImply Bananalicious Smoothie

1 pkg Strawberry Shakeology
1 cup milk
1 banana (frozen)

It's time to make Shakeology part of your Balanced Healthy Diet!

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Even More Fancy Shakeology Recipes...

There are 100's more recipes available for every taste bud imaginable.  I have put direct links to PDF's with lots more recipes.  Mix and match them.  Great tasting smoothies for weight loss...but watch calories in some recipes!

All New Vanilla Shakeology Recipes .pdf

More Chocolate and Greenberry Best Shakeology Recipes .pdf

Holiday / Winter Chocolate and Greenberry Recipes .pdf

Try Topical Strawberry (Vegan) Shakeology Recipes .pdf

New!  Recipes for easy Shakeology Desserts are now Available!

Shake up your Diet Fitness Tips!

Shakeology is by far the best nutrition supplement on the market.  Adding some fun and excitement to your best Shakeology recipe will help 'shake up' your diet.  You will get both consistency of nutrition and variety of taste!  Make your own recipe and message everyone below!  Better nutrition allows your to enjoy your Beachbody workouts!

All roads lead to AWESOME!
---Doctor Matt Coach

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Shakeology is one of the best health and fitness tools you could add to your life!  Enjoy it!

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