At Home Workout or Go to the Gym?
(Keep it Simple and Convenient!)

At Home Workouts are Convenient and Simple!

Keeping your At Home Workout simple and energized will maintain your motivation!  Is the hassle factor of going to a gym slowing your down?

  • Millions of Americans have gym memberships but only about 8% actually use them on a regular basis. 
  • There are millions of Americans with exercise equipment at home that is never used.

Let's review Staying Home vs Going to the Gym. (As a disclaimer, I am biased toward's just easy.)

Regardless which you choose, you will need a bigger motivation than to 'get healthy'.  (Here's a great definition of 'healthy.')

Going to a Gym---Reasons to Go

Unique Equipment

Rock climbing walls, padded tracks, olympic-sized swimming pools, industrial strength weight machines...all are impossible to have at home!  Some athletes need the equipment for their chosen sport.  Usually trainers are around to help teach you how to use machines with proper form.  They can give you work out tips, too.

The People!

The social energy of a gym can be invigorating.  Depending on your personality style, the camaraderie of friends can maintain your workout motivation and push you to do that one extra rep. There is good data to show working out with a friend can encourage you to show up for regular workouts.


There is 'nothing else to do' at a gym other than work out.  Putting the stop on your schedule may help keeping your commitment to yourself.  After all, you paid your $60 this month...!

Reasons NOT to go to the Gym


Get in the  Most round trips to the gym are around 20-30 minutes.  If you spend time in the dressing rooms, showering, changing, etc add about 20-30 more minutes.  Waiting in line for equipment is just frustrating.


Have you ever laid back on a sweaty bench?  Have you walked across the shower floors barefoot?  Have you grabbed on to the handles of your favorite workout machine and realized the person just ahead of you had a cold?  Need I say more?


Most memberships run $40 to $60 per month.  (That's up to $720 a year!)  New low price gyms are becoming popular...but they are usually filled with younger children who are there for 'something to do'...  Only 8% of gym members use their membership on a regular basis. 

"I don't believe you have to be better than everyone else.  I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be."
--Ken Venturi

Why to Stay Home?

Avoid Embarrassment.

OK, we have all seen the muscle men and perfect women at the gym.  If you are just starting out, you can be embarrassed to be seen working out in front of others.  If you are learning new moves or have to modify a move because your 'not there yet', you can avoid the self-conscious blushing when on-lookers check you out.

Save Time!

Hop out of bed, put the work out clothes on and you are working out in about 5 minutes.  When you are done, you get into your clean shower, dress, have your post-workout meal and go!  Less "I don't have time to go today" excuses.

Save Money!

A p90x Beachbody DVD set costs about $108.  Completing it twice will cost you about $18 per month. My home gym has a set of dumb bells, a pull up bar, work out mats to save my joints, and a TV / DVD player.  That's it.  NO expensive machines or equipment are required for Beachbody!

Be more Assertive

Everyone was a beginner at one point.  However, new moves can be embarrassing to practice.  In the privacy of your own home, you can try harder or modify the moves until you get them perfected.  Willing to work hard?  If you are self-motivated, you can reach your goal more quickly.

At Home Tricks to Neutralize Problems


Carve out a time when you can turn off your phone and computer.  Let everyone know this is 'your 30 minutes' to avoid the kid's questions for a while.  Take a deep breath and enjoy your at home workout!


If you have a physical fitness program, special shoes or equipment may be needed.  I encourage everyone to wait to buy anything until you have your Inspiration Roadmap built.  Good news!  Beachbody doesn't require much equipment at all!  You use your body to build your body and I like that.

No Friends!

(You can always invite one over...or work out with your spouse.)  The excitement of people at a gym can really push you.  Working out alone can take some getting used to...I use it to just 'let go' of I like to exercise alone.  It is 'me' time!  Beachbody has a great set of coaches and online support groups to help you on your way...

Day by Day...Workout by Workout, Getting Stronger and Stronger...and Celebrating that others are doing it, too!

At Home Workout or In the Gym?

It will differ for everyone.  I personally vote keep my at home workout simple and convenient.  So, home gets the nod here.  I get to control the heat and cooling, too!  What do you think?  Leave a comment below!

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First create you Inspiration Roadmap, then spend the money needed to start along that road.  You are making your world Awesome! 

It doesn't get easier...You just get stronger!

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