Explore Awesome Health and Fitness Tips!
(It's time to Fire Up your Adventure!)

Beachbody Trailblazers use exciting workout routines to fire up their fitness adventures! We are committed to helping you get in the best shape of your life!

Lots of websites have health and fitness tips...
...and only tell you ‘what to do’...
...but human willpower is a fading force....
How many times have your 'New Year Resolutions' crumbled?


Come discover your own deep source of fitness inspiration that will keep you healthy day after day..and then you become an unstoppable force for the rest of your life!

You found this site for a reason.  Right now, you are blazing a trail, creating your own health and fitness journey.  How's it going?

The Good News?
It can be done! 
Your adventure will be totally unique to your life.

The Bad News?
There is no magic pill or secret exercise! (Or we would all be totally healthy!)

Join the Awesome Health and Fitness Trailblazers who are enjoying their journeys!

  • Regardless where you are right now, bring your "I want to..."
  • Energize your deepest reasons to have awesome health and wellness!
  • Learn some smart health and nutrition tips.
  • Blaze your own unique trail where there was none before! (Now that's a fun and powerful experience!)
  • All the Trailblazers will be encouraging and celebrating your success!
  • (See your reward in the mirror.)

Welcome, Trailblazer!
Here, All Roads Lead to Awesome!

---Doctor Matt Coach

"People rarely succeed
unless they have fun in what they are doing."

--Dale Carnegie

On your Mark, Get Set, Click and Go!

Brainstorm and Build Real Inspiration that Works!

Discover Healthy Inspiration and Motivation to Power Up your Batteries!

Discover Healthy Nutrition
to Fuel your Body

If you put bad gasoline in your car, how well does the engine run?  Food is our fuel...it can make your engine & metabolism RUN!

Turn on the Juice
and Let's Burn Some Calories

Your workout routines are only a part of your total fitness plan.  They do need to be intense enough to be called exercise!

Join the Free Online
Trailblazer Fitness Group

The Trailblazer challenge group uses Beachbody tools but you are NOT required to do a Beachbody Program!

Uh-Oh!  Click here when
your Road gets Bumpy

Health and Fitness Tips are useless when you don't use them.  Hit a rough patch?  Click here!

All Roads Lead to Awesome!
When you Reach your Goals...

Congratulations!  Please share your Beachbody Success Stories with everyone...Awesome Inspiration for all of us!

Uh-Oh!  No Energy?  No Idea Where to Start?  New to Fitness?

When you go on a trip, you have 'reasons' to go! The car needs good fuel, you plan a route and enjoy the scenery along the way! What's your reason to be healthy? Let's create a map to get you there!

If you are totally out of shape, ’health and fitness’ may sound scary…and that isn’t fun.  The thought of sweat dripping off your nose or learning 'how to get in shape' isn’t always inspiring.  Do not start with a Beachbody p90x workout! 

First things first!  Tap into your real reasons to be healthy.  Then, create a personalized ‘Inspiration Roadmap’...

The best fitness tips only work if you have an exciting fitness inspiration!

Putting All Your Health and Fitness Tips in One Place...Your Vision Board!

Let your Inspiration Board charge up your batteries! Trailblazers have difficult workout routines. You need good reasons to sweat! If you are doing a Beachbody workout, you need a REALLY good reason!

As you build or renew your fitness inspiration, I recommend putting all your plans in one place...  A simple Inspiration Board serves as your visual reminder, every day, to keep going..even on the days your body is groaning and complaining!  As you learn new health and fitness tips, put them on your board. 

(Your vision board is the spark that can be easily changed over time to keep your workout inspiration fun and exciting.
  Shake it up sometimes!)  Learn how...

Creating an Inspiration Board brings your workout inspiration to life!

Are You Beating Yourself Up with Your Own Words?

Negative Self Talk can destroy your workout motivation in about two seconds. As a Trailblazer, you will learn how to turn that negative inner voice off!  Like a bad radio station in your car...OFF!

Self Talk!  You know...that little voice inside that reminds you to "feed the dog" or "I have to get on to work!"  It was designed to be a reminder tool.  What happens when it gets corrupted and speaks an unhealthy message?  For example, "You're just stupid to think you will ever get fit."  Your workout plan just got sabotaged!

If you believe the corrupted message, it will become true...creating a road block called doubt.  Learn how to quickly repair your corrupted messages...

How to sabotage your health and fitness with your own negative words!

Finally...The Best Fitness Tips Come with Personal Service to You

Just like you, I am a Trailblazer, too!  It's no secret I like the Beachbody way of total fitness.  I use their system as part of my total wellness program.  My reason to be healthy?  To stay around to 'pay it forward' a little longer...

Beachbody Coaches help change lives one at a time...hoping each person will in turn have a positive impact on the world!

I believe in the ripple effect.  We are given gifts in life that are not for us but are to be used by us for the benefit of others.  We pay our gifts forward to enrich others.  In turn, they are empowered to pay it forward to others...their family, friends...our world.

That's the reason I serve as many Trailblazer's Free Beachbody Coach!

I want to you have an AWESOME JOURNEY, too!

---Doctor Matt Coach!
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